Transforming Workforce Scheduling for Strategic Advantage in Healthcare

In healthcare, availability of the right resource is often the single biggest influence on patient outcomes, staff engagement, and financial performance.  Organizations must respond to global trends such as demographic changes increasing the demand for services, an aging workforce exiting service and requiring more complex care themselves, and difficulties in recruiting and training enough nurses and other skilled clinicians.  The complexity in deployment of critical support staff such as housekeeping, and key corporate services such as health information management, only increases.  Cost pressures caused by funding reforms, advancing technology and higher patient expectations drive the need to deliver care in the most cost-effective manner.

Healthcare Professionals

Nearly 70% of average healthcare budgets are comprised of workforce costs. Total workforce spending is an aggregate of the staffing decisions made shift-by-shift and day-by-day at all levels of the organization.  In healthcare much of what we tackle whether patient load or staffing levels have a degree of predictability. We can help your health system better achieve your blueprint and operationalize the intended skill, at the intended budget, on the unit. Considering all of the shifts on all of the schedules across the organization, if each shift is just a little bit more expensive than it could ideally be, or does not make best use of a scarce resource, the cumulative waste and negative impacts to quality can be staggering.

The quality impacts of poor staffing can affect the patient experience through adverse events and hospital acquired conditions, poor continuity of care, or the inability to open beds. Employees are also affected by high-stress working conditions and the pressure to work extra hours. This can lead to poor work-life balance and high levels of fatigue. This ultimately affects employee retention and the ability to recruit staff, creating a reliance on premium labor and a negative impact on the overall system sustainability.

At Workforce Edge, We Partner With You to Improve Healthcare Service Delivery

Your expertise is in delivering quality care to your patients and families.  Our expertise is in partnering with healthcare organizations to improve their staff scheduling environment. In addition to achieving cost savings and allowing managers to focus on clinical responsibilities, improvements to workforce scheduling and schedule planning enables other skill mix and patient safety initiatives to be successfully achieved.

  • Workforce Edge was able to manage difficult conversations, implement effective change management practices and deliver services and products that the organization could operationalize. To meet the Staff Scheduling Transformation objectives, they brought their expertise, experience and network contacts from other clients to aid in this work. The team provides the high level of expertise we need… I can’t imagine anyone living without you.

    Yvonne Suranyi, Senior Clinical LeaderAlberta Health Services
  • You have done an excellent job with this high profile project.  At the outset I have really appreciated your calm approach and leadership skills.  This project has required a significant amount of change management ability as well as the recognition of the culture shift required across an entire province…

    Linda Dempster, Vice President Collaborative Practice, Nursing and Health ProfessionsAlberta Health Services