Shawn Drake

Managing Partner

Shawn helps clients design an approach to strategic workforce management that is effective for their organization. His experience ranges from engagements focused on a single hospital through to health systems topping over 100,000 employees and operating budgets in excess of 15 billion. His background is in policy development and project execution and he has led a number of collaborations and implementations.

In addition to working with health leaders on workforce initiatives to reduce costs, enable patient safety, and engage employees – he develops external partnerships that are focused on sustaining healthcare service delivery. He is a board director of ICPA-Forum (flagship publication is Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research & Practice Routledge/T&F: Oxford, UK) and is Founding Chair of an international panel on strategic health workforce mobilization and planning on behalf of the society in various jurisdictions.

He holds a MSc from King’s College London and is completing his PhD at the School of Public Policy & Administration in Ottawa at Carleton University. His doctoral dissertation is comparative in nature and deploys quantitative and qualitative methods. His contribution aims to measure and to assess the impact of a variety of institutional culture(s) on the development, planning and execution of workforce policy across the Canadian healthcare system.