Realized Benefits

The Workforce Edge team achieves measurable, reliable and valid benefits transforming the business of staff scheduling and optimizing workforce deployment.  The common goals of the healthcare executives, clinical and non-clinical employees, union representatives, and the patients are the benefits achieved by our clients and which management, staff, and unions representatives share in:

  • Planned schedules contain right amount of labor
  • Elimination of “schedule erosion” and cost creep through effective business process and schedule management
  • Measurable reductions in total spend, overtime and agency use, and in variations of staffing levels from shift to shift
  • Improved adoption of and satisfaction with technology
  • Enhancement in data quality and payroll error rates
  • Vastly improved accuracy of information and visibility into workforce utilization and trends
  • Reduction in management time spent on staff scheduling tasks
Increased Productivity
Improved Service Levels
Better Coverage