Healthcare Policy Advisory

We advise health systems at each stage of the policy-making process and support their decision-making by drawing on hard and soft data. Leveraging our tenure leading this highly specialized work in a range of geographic and political environments, we integrate a comparative perspective and lessons-learned framework into our advisory services.

This provides a strong and transparent foundation for health organizations analyzing and developing workforce mobilization policy for internal implementation and consumption. We have a unique history of being at the table since workforce management, clinical workforce optimization, systems transformation, among other phrases…established as buzz words. This differentiator ensures that the policy options which our partners establish are thoughtfully developed and well-vetted.

Our Healthcare Policy Advisory services focus on a range of elements to effectively mobilize the workforce and have a high degree of scalability. We have supported a number of initiatives in formal recommendations at the provincial/state-wide and Ministry levels in addition to those internal to more compact health systems.