Our History

Workforce Edge Consulting – Helping Organizations Transform Their Staff Scheduling Practices

Prior to Workforce Edge, the founders of the company worked for many years in the healthcare staff scheduling software industry. After implementing scheduling systems in healthcare organizations across Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand, they had become increasingly frustrated.

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In almost all projects, clients were not realizing the projected ROI or even achieving a full implementation. The software worked fine, but clients’ scheduling was not any better as a result of implementing it. Scheduling processes were not defined, master rotations, schedules and baselines were often in disarray, and organizational strategies for a relief workforce did not exist or were under-developed. As a vendor, they knew these things were needed before benefits could be achieved. And although their clients understood this, they didn’t have the capacity or expertise to establish these foundations. A gap existed.

Workforce Edge was founded to fill this gap. Since 2001, we have been providing the hands on expertise and the deep, organization change management necessary for organizations to transform their staff scheduling practices. The results are improved coverage and skill mix at the front line where patient care is delivered, increased compliance with collective agreements, and dramatic reductions in labor spend.

In the healthcare industry, growth in demand has outpaced growth in funding for many years, and as the workforce ages, it is shrinking. As these challenges have grown, we have continued to develop our services and expertise in order to help our clients provide more care with staff and budget limitations through rotation optimization, efficient relief workforce planning, and streamlined scheduling business processes.

Improving sub-optimal scheduling environments is a complex endeavor, but we can help investigate and prioritize these opportunities.  We have helped our clients prepare for the successful implementation of their automated scheduling systems, create master rotations that control costs and enable skill mix changes, and have established scheduling services that support unit/dept managers by delivering consistent and cost-effective scheduling of employees, predictive analytics and workforce planning services to those managers. Read more by clicking on the Past Projects icon.