Relief Team Sizing, Data Analysis and Reporting

Your operations depend on having the right number of trained staff available to cover predictable and unpredictable relief needs.  A shortage of relief staff results in an inability to grant staff vacation or education requests, and a risk of working short-staffed.  Too many relief staff creates a risk of being overstaffed if the relief are hired into regular full time or part time positions. This situation also creates a low level of predictability for casuals so they seek outside work to ensure they will be able to work enough shifts to meet their financial needs.

Getting the size right makes a difference…Our relief team sizing service can help you identify the right number of positions and the balance of full time, part time, and casual staff that will best meet your needs.  We look at your historical patterns of leave and current staffing levels, to deliver a relief demand and supply analysis to inform your relief hiring decisions.

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