Rotation Build Services

Workforce Edge has a team of expert Rotation Build Consultants available for you to access when you need them.

Rotation building is a complex, technical job that requires special expertise.  If you are looking to make changes to your rotations for the next budget year, or if you have other rotation issues, we can:

  • Tweak your rotation to improve coverage, build in stat holidays, or to address medical accommodations or staffing changes.
  • Develop a new rotation for your LPNs or RNs who are undergoing a change in union representation.
  • Develop a whole new set of rotations for a care model delivery change, budget change, or a new unit or facility.
  • Create an optimized rotation to reduce your staffing costs, and develop a transition plan from current to future state.
  • Address any other rotation needs!

We Can Help You

Health care organizations struggle with determining the right mix of shifts for their service needs.  Should they have 8 hour shifts or 12 hour shifts?  Should staff work all shifts or have some staff working all days and some working all nights?  How can they ensure that their rotation provides a good staff experience while still meeting organizational and care needs?  There is no “magic bullet” to creating a high-quality rotation and there are many subjective factors that must be considered.  Our senior rotation consultants can help.

Access to Expertise

We work with managers to confirm the baseline and needs and understand how the current rotation is impacting the employee experience and financial metrics for the organization.  Our team will help you understand the options, and move towards a more responsive rotation that meets the needs of your unit and staff. We will also ensure your new rotations are compliant with your collective agreements. Our rotation implementation experience can help you engage with employees and unions to create a positive change experience and ensure you get the benefits from your new rotations.

Poor rotations lead to increased absenteeism, increased cost of relief coverage and overtime spending, and recruitment and retention difficulties which increase cost of staff turnover.  An investment in a new rotation can help reduce your staffing cost, improve the employee experience, and improve quality of care for your patients, residents, or home support clients.