Rotation Build Services

Workforce Edge has a team of expert Rotation Build Consultants available for you to access when you need them.

Rotation building is a complex, technical job that requires special expertise.  If you are looking to make changes to your rotations for the next budget year, or if you have other rotation issues, we can:

  • Tweak your rotation to improve coverage, build in stat holidays, or to address medical accommodations or staffing changes.
  • Develop a new rotation for your LPNs or RNs who are undergoing a change in union representation.
  • Develop a whole new set of rotations for a care model delivery change, budget change, or a new unit or facility.
  • Create an optimized rotation to reduce your staffing costs, and develop a transition plan from current to future state.
  • Address any other rotation needs!

We Can Help You

Whether your organization does not have dedicated rotation builders, the volume of rotation changes exceeds the capacity of your internal rotation builders, or you have an urgent need for a rotation change that needs to be addressed very quickly, our service can help you.

It’s as easy as… 1, 2, 3

You will soon begin receiving rotation options, often within 3 to 4 days!


All you have to do is call! Our Rotation Consultant will guide you through a series of questions to confirm your baseline and needs, and understand how your current rotation is impacting your budget. You will then receive a documented copy of your requirements, and a price quote for your order. Upon receipt of your confirmation, work on your order will begin.

Cost effective

Poor rotations lead to increased absenteeism, increased cost of relief coverage and overtime spending, and recruitment and retention difficulties which increase cost of staff turnover.  An investment in a new rotation can help reduce your staffing cost, and as our volumes have grown, our average price per rotation has continued to fall, providing you with a cost effective source of responsive master rotations.


Your time is valuable. Our team of experts, together with our database of rotations, means we can fill orders quickly and efficiently. Using our expert rotation builders allows you to focus on your areas of expertise!

Responsive & Compliant

Our team will help you understand the options, and move towards a more responsive rotation that meets the needs of your unit and staff. We will also ensure your new rotations are compliant with your collective agreements.

Access to Expertise

In response to the growth in demand for rotations across Canada, we’ve increased our team and improved our service. Each member of our Master Rotation Team brings years of rotation building experience. Our team is 100% dedicated to filling your orders quickly and efficiently with high quality rotations, allowing you to focus on managing your unit or your service.

Your staffing cost is one of very few controllable costs in health care – let us help you to reduce your cost of staffing your unit or facility.  Whether your current master rotation has simply become outdated, your staff are requesting a more responsive rotation, or you need new rotations because of care model redesign work – one quick phone call or email is all that’s needed to get you on the road to new rotations that are compliant, responsive, and ready to implement.