Scheduling Transformation

Partnering for Change

Each of our clients has unique fiscal, operating, and policy environments creating their drive for change.  In all cases, we have partnered to lead cultural transformations related to the overall deployment of the healthcare workforce.

Past clients have ranged from stand-alone hospitals and residential care facilities to entire health systems. Our partnership with healthcare organizations involves taking a deeper look at staffing service governance and operations, scheduling business processes, relief workforce strategies, master rotations, self-scheduling arrangements, and systems integration and reporting.


We Can Help You

Our system-wide initiatives may be driven as part of consolidation or merger/acquisition activities, as part of a larger cultural change project, to respond to fiscal pressures, to implement changes from an operational review, to solve issues of patient care and safety, or as part of clinical workforce strategic planning to address a shrinking workforce. Our proven, inclusive, integrated methodology delivers benefits and enables multiple organization strategies and goals.

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