Training and Certification

CMRD Level 1 Training – 2022 Public Sessions Available for Registration Now:

  • Jan 25 – Feb 10
  • May 3 – 19
  • Oct 11 – 27

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Managers’ Certificate in Workforce Optimization

Managing your workforce in an optimized environment requires a strong understanding of business processes, change management principles, and the ability to work with staff scheduling service providers within the organization to achieve the best outcomes. Despite best intentions, the relationship between unit managers and their staff service providers can be challenging as both parties have important roles to play in ensuring units are adequately staffed.

We work with your front line managers to understand the changes, how they and their staff will be impacted, and how to support their staff through the transition. Through a series of workshops, managers gain a full understanding of the intended changes and develop strategies for managing the change within their units or programs. Completion of our Managers’ Certificate in Workforce Optimization ensures that your leaders are able to drive a staff scheduling transformation and achieve the benefits for the organization and the employees.

Rotation Development Certification

A master rotation provides the foundation for scheduling and must ensure that all shifts are covered with no over- or under-staffed shifts.  Historically, a unit manager or unit clerk with a knack for scheduling would develop the master rotation for the unit.  As collective agreement rules get more complex every year, this is often not feasible or sustainable for an organization.  Rotation building is a complex, specialized skill and healthcare organizations frequently find that people with this skillset are difficult or impossible to find and recruit.  Many organizations have resorted to developing staff in-house for this role.

Workforce Edge’s certification in rotation development is designed for entry-level scheduling roles to develop the skills and ability to consistently build master rotations that are compliant with your collective agreements, balanced to operational budgets and baselines, and considerate of the employee’s needs for work-life balance and fatigue management.  Our certification also includes the skills and techniques to consult managers on baseline operational needs and facilitate groups of employees to define their preferences in a way that enables a rotation to be developed.  Organizations offering this certification to their employees will benefit from a supported and sustainable rotation development capability that is supportive of managers, employees, and unions.

Relief Workforce Analytics Certification

Workforce Edge has developed tools and methods to analyze the relief workforce utilization and requirements for healthcare organizations. These strategies help an organization to correctly size their relief workforce and maintain an appropriate composition of staff types and roles. If too many relief staff are available, units and programs are unable to maintain the loyalty of staff who are unable to work enough to meet their financial needs. Too few relief staff, and shifts go unfilled and overtime and premium labour costs skyrocket.

Our Relief Workforce Analytics Certification trains data analysts within your organization to use and apply our proprietary tools and methods to recommend an appropriate relief pool size and composition to your managers. Regular monitoring allows you to predict future relief needs using real organizational data and predictive analytics, helping you to proactively develop a sustainable workforce.

Staffing Service Training

Our strategic and operational staffing services training modules are for established scheduling environments. We train operational roles to improve their skill set, proficiency and overall core competence. Strategic training includes reporting analysis, relief management, relief workforce modelling, staff scheduling customer complexity identification, and rotation build. Transactional training includes overviews of leading practice of how to support staff scheduling business process, process compliance tracking workflow, and scheduling teamwork skills across short call, advance booking, and vacation planning functions.

Our training package covers collaborative construction of the overall training methodology and tools for staffing service resources and customers. Rounding out our core training service pack are a series of additional elements including how to handle difficult conversations and customer experience training – targeted specifically to staffing customers. We use the widely recognized and adopted approach in healthcare which follows a tell me, show me, try me organization for our training modules.