Stay Safe, Stay Strategic

COVID-19 – Offering our help in staff scheduling and deployment during the crisis

Please click here for our complimentary Workforce Needs Assessment Tool for Pandemic Response ©. Components of this tool have been applied in formal clinical settings and others have not been operationalized. The inputs however are logical and the output data scenarios may help in your planning. We are pleased to receive any feedback to strengthen the tool and we hope it can help.

To Our Health Partners,

Many of you receiving this note have established, proactive and strategic staff scheduling and deployment environments. Others have not, yet we are all required to come together and support during a crisis despite our best planning. In this time of need, our team is developing strategies for how we can help in your response to the pandemic. We are reaching out to offer tools, expertise and time to your organization in anyway possible.

Workforce Edge is a health service organization that specializes in strategic scheduling and workforce deployment in health. We are not a software company, we are a team of expert consultants that function exclusively in health workforceproactive surge planning,data analytics, master rotation/schedule design, process and practice design, change management and public policy advisory.

We are answering Calls for Assistance across health partners during the COVID-19 pandemic and are offering to help in the following capacity:

• Rapid building of staff schedules to accommodate changes in deployment during surge.

• Enablement of Public Health Orders such as a Single Site Designation Orders and associated re-deployment.

Assistance with tracking employees, their payments, skills, and return to regular work assignments.

• Customized, quick and easy scheduling processes and workflows to address increased demand on schedulers and unique new work in scheduling offices.

• Staffing, demand and workforce analytics to model projections on surge scenarios for immediate, short- and longer-term timelines.

• Strategic problem-solving consultations with our executive leadership to offer quick and agile expertise and solutions now.

At a finer level of detail, we have a number of team members with operational scheduling, data/forecasting, and clinical backgrounds. Some additional ideas we have generated with the team and health systems partners are included within the list below:

Schedule and Deployment Support 

Review of current schedules where there is a need for more effective utilization (LTC, CC, ER, Support).

Creation of emergency rotations – i.e., review all PT lines and provide temp opportunities. (transition rotations) to increases to FT and beyond for all essential services.

Review of resource sharing with other health facilities to prevent transmission across sites.

Other Support

Pulling and assembling “data” as soon as possible.

Remote or client site – establishment of focused command teams supporting advance planning/scheduling and shift filling support.

Implementation support of advanced ILI (influenza-like illness) plan and/or emergency response plan

Support emergency hiring processes for all essential services.

Review all resumes for all skilled nurses, care workers, lab techs and support staff (i.e., housekeeping)

We are open to any discussions and your intuition and suggestions.

Stay safe, stay strategic

Workforce Edge