To Our Health Partners,

At the outset of the pandemic, even those organizations who have proactive and strategic staff scheduling organizations faced this unprecedented crisis, were impacted, and identified opportunities for improvement. As we have progressed through this pandemic, our team has worked with many partner organizations to develop more effective strategies for dealing with surge events that we expect to continue into an uncertain future.

Workforce Edge is a health service organization that specializes in strategic scheduling and workforce deployment in health. We are not a software company, we are a team of expert consultants that function exclusively in health workforce proactive surge planning, data analytics, master rotation/schedule design, process and practice design, change management and public policy advisory. At a finer level of detail, we have a number of team members with operational scheduling, data/forecasting, and clinical backgrounds.

We continue to answer Calls for Assistance from our health partners during the later waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, and offer our help in the following capacities:

  • Rapid building of staff schedules to accommodate changes in deployment during surge, including temporary schedules for additional surge staffing needs.
  • Assistance with tracking employees, their payments, skills, and return to regular work assignments.
  • Customized, quick and easy scheduling processes and workflows to address increased demand on schedulers and unique new work in scheduling offices.
  • Staffing, demand and workforce analytics to model projections on surge scenarios for immediate, short- and longer-term timelines.
  • Establishment of focused command teams to provide scheduling office leadership and support advanced planning/scheduling and shift filling.
  • Strategic problem-solving consultations with our executive leadership to offer quick and agile expertise and solutions now.

We are open to any discussions of how we can help you.

Stay safe, stay strategic