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As a team we are on the cutting edge of partnering with organizations to improve their staff scheduling and workforce deployment environments. Our approaches incorporate the best current research and information available on workforce deployment. Staff scheduling in healthcare is an incredibly complex world.

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As a company and as your workforce deployment partner, we are able to supply you with tools and resources that can support your needs whether you are front-line staff, a manager or a senior executive. A sub-optimal scheduling environment affects everyone in an organization and has many components.  Having a common language in your organization is key to framing the right definition of the problem and in developing strategies to solve it. The goal here is three-pronged:

  1. to build the knowledge base so that problem symptoms are not confused for root cause issues, and ensure that band-aid solutions are avoided;
  2. to provide the tools and resources to build internal knowledge and develop internal capacity; and
  3. to promote discussions about scheduling and deployment at the strategic level and enhance the link to the strategic initiatives of the organization.

To those ends, our resources page offers a repository to articles and white papers as well as a bibliography if you need some research to back up your instincts and experiences. Our blog highlights advances in thinking, activities in the field, and analysis of news stories about policy or operational issues linked to staff scheduling in healthcare and the deployment of a healthcare workforce.

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