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Workforce Edge takes a holistic approach to tackling the challenge of workforce planning, scheduling and deployment.

Our inclusive methodology and the application of the Workforce Edge Model© based on leading practice will align all stakeholders towards the goal of providing high-quality care and a supportive working environment for health professionals.

“Workforce Edge was able to manage difficult conversations, implement effective change management practices and deliver services and products that the organization could operationalize. To meet the Staff Scheduling Transformation objectives, they brought their expertise, experience and network contacts from other clients to aid in this work.

The team provides the high level of expertise we need. I can’t imagine anyone living without you.”

Yvonne Suranyi, Senior Clinical Leader
Alberta Health Services

The Workforce Edge Model©

Creating a Roadmap for Improvements

When you are experiencing poor retention and/or spiralling labour costs, and don’t see a clear solution to these problems, we can help!

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of leading practice in workforce planning, scheduling and deployment across the continuum of care. Applying a proprietary model and discovery process that has been tried and tested internationally, in approximately six weeks we can conduct a diagnosis and co-create a roadmap for specific, targeted improvements.


Optimizing Scheduling Service Operations
Following a discovery process which identifies and prioritizes opportunities for improvement, we work with your team in the field to implement the desired changes through a supportive partnership with a focus on training and knowledge transfer to build capacity within your organization. Whether you have a distributed scheduling model or a centralized scheduling service, we help your team to improve employee scheduling, increase employee engagement and retention, and reduce your reliance on high-cost staffing strategies such as overtime and/or Agency use. » CONTACT US
Designing & Implementing Processes

Your scheduling business processes impact the efficacy of your employee scheduling activities and ability to provide high-quality care. Many scheduling business processes also cross over to the HR and finance business functions. In the complex world of healthcare labour management, having consistent, transparent, streamlined business processes is a business imperative!

With decades of experience in leading practice in workforce planning, scheduling and deployment across the continuum of care, and in partnership with your scheduling team, we will lead a design of business processes that improve the working life of employees and ensure your operational needs are met.


Building Master Rotations & Schedules

Rotation Build ServicesHealthcare organizations struggle with determining the right mix of shifts for their service needs. Should they have 8 hour shifts or 12 hour shifts? Should staff work all shifts or have some staff working all days and some working all nights? How can they ensure that their rotation provides a good staff experience while still meeting organizational and care needs? There is no “magic bullet” to creating a high-quality rotation and there are many subjective factors that must be considered. Our senior rotation consultants can help.

We work with managers to confirm the baseline and needs, and to understand how the current rotation is impacting the employee experience and financial metrics for the organization. Our team will help you understand the options and move towards a more responsive rotation that meets the needs of your unit and staff. We will also ensure your new rotations are compliant with your collective agreements. Our rotation implementation experience can help you engage with employees and unions to create a positive change experience and ensure you get the benefits from your new rotations.


Forecast Your Future with Workforce Analytics

Your operations depend on having the right number of trained staff available to cover both core and relief staffing needs. Getting the size right makes a difference!

We apply advanced modelling tools for workforce analytics to help you to understand the factors underlying your current and future staffing needs. This helps you to hire the right number of positions and maintain a balance of full time, part time and casual staff that will best meet your needs. Are you looking for a data-driven approach to staffing decisions?


Healthcare Policy Advisory

Our Healthcare Policy Advisory services draw on hard and soft data and leveraging national and international comparative perspectives to develop recommendations.

We also have a unique history of working in partnership with operators and unions through clinical workforce optimization initiatives that create transformative change. Our data-driven approach and operational partnerships provide a strong and transparent foundation for your policy decisions. We have provided formal recommendations at the provincial/state-wide and Ministry levels in addition to those internal to more compact health systems.


Implementing Scheduling Systems

When you intend to purchase a new scheduling/timekeeping system for your organization, you want to make the most of your investment. We have a long history of working with healthcare organizations to optimize their scheduling environment prior to a scheduling system change. We have deep experience helping to provide succinct, accurate configuration instructions for many leading systems on the market today. We possess extensive libraries of requirements, demo scripts and test cases that will help you select the best vendor, and flawlessly configure for an on-time implementation.

A small investment in practice improvements before you select a vendor, and implement a system change, can have an outsized impact on the benefits you are able to achieve. In some cases, you may even find that a new system is not required!

Training & Certification

Training & Certification

Center of Excellence

Certification in Master Rotation Design

A master rotation provides the foundation for effective, cost-efficient scheduling. Rotation building is a complex, specialized skill and healthcare organizations frequently find that people with this skillset are difficult or impossible to find and recruit.  Workforce Edge’s Certification in Master Rotation Design is designed for your schedulers to develop the skills and ability to consistently design and deliver high quality master rotations and become an expert advisor to managers, HR and employees during a rotation change.

CMRD Level 1 Training – Public Sessions Available for Registration Now:

February 27 – March 14, 2024 (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

May 28 – June 13, 2024 (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

September 24 – October 3, 2024 (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

CMRD Level 2 Training – Public Sessions Available for Registration Now:

January 23 – February 8, 2024 (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

To register for Training or for more information, please » CONTACT US.

Certification in Workforce Analytics

The ability to analyze trends in how you are using your workforce is essential to maintain an appropriate composition and complement of employees and to predict future spending and budget needs. Our Certification in Workforce Analytics trains data analysts within your organization to use and apply our proprietary tools and methods to recommend staffing levels to your managers and track and monitor scheduling service performance across units and departments. Regular monitoring allows you to predict future staffing needs using real organizational data and predictive analytics, and proactively develop a sustainable workforce.

CWFA Training – Public Sessions Available for Registration Now:

April 3 – May 15, 2024 (Wednesdays)

To register for Training or for more information, please » CONTACT US.

Certification in Workforce Optimization for Leaders

Despite best intentions, the relationship between unit managers and their staff service providers can be challenging. Both parties have important roles to play in ensuring units are adequately staffed. Managing your workforce in an optimized environment requires a strong understanding of business processes, change management principles, and the ability to work with staff scheduling service providers within the organization to achieve the best outcomes. This certification, aimed at frontline leaders, helps your leaders to develop a specific understanding of how they and their staff will be impacted by your workforce optimization initiative, and to develop specific actionable strategies for how to support their staff through the transition. Completion of our Certification in Workforce Optimization for Leaders ensures that your leaders are prepared to lead a transformation of your scheduling environment to achieve the benefits for the organization and the employees.

To register for Training or for more information, please » CONTACT US.

Staffing Service Training

We have a number of strategic and operational staffing services training modules to draw upon for established scheduling services or distributed schedulers, as well as for those operational leaders who are customers of a scheduling service. Unique training packages are collaboratively developed to meet your training needs which may include training on your specific business processes and systems as well as soft skills such as leadership and client service.

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The Workforce Edge Model© has been applied across the continuum of care:

Hospitals & Heath Systems

Hospitals & Health Systems

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Long Term Care

Rehab & Complex Care

Rehab & Complex
Continuing Care

Workforce Edge Strategic Scheduling for Rural Health Systems

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Workforce Edge Scheduling for Pediatric & Other Specialty Hospitals

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