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Transforming Workforce Scheduling for Strategic Advantage in Healthcare

Availability of the right resource is often the single biggest influence on your ability to provide access to care, improved health outcomes, a positive resident/client and employee experience, and financial sustainability. The scheduling ecosystem is the key to your ability to deliver high quality care and maintain a positive employee experience. Employees cannot provide quality care if their needs go unmet. You care for your employees so they may care for and make a difference in the lives of others.

Strategic workforce planning, scheduling and deployment ensures employee and patient needs are balanced. You must be able to deliver the right skill in the right place at the right time.

Our global expert team works with your team in the field to apply the Workforce Edge Model©. We train and support your team to understand and improve all aspects of your scheduling environment—including business processes, workforce analytics, master rotations/schedule design, relief workforce and surge readiness strategies and scheduling service operations.

Strategic Advantage with Workforce Edge
Transform Your Scheduling


Our integrated consulting will transform your workforce scheduling and enable achievement of other strategic goals.

Relief Team

Relief Team Sizing

Your operations depend on having the right number of trained staff available to cover predictable and unpredictable relief needs.

Rotation Build

Rotation Build Services

Health care organizations struggle with determining the right mix of shifts for their service needs—should they have 8 or 12 hour shifts?

Training & Certification

Training & Certification

We use the widely adopted approach in healthcare which follows a tell me, show me, try me organization for our training modules.


Covid-19 ResponseOffering our help in staff scheduling and deployment during the crisis

In this time of need, our team is developing strategies to help in your response to the pandemic. We are reaching out to offer tools, expertise and time to your organization in anyway possible.

Download our complimentary Workforce Needs Assessment Tool for Pandemic Response©. Components of this tool have been applied in formal clinical settings and others have not been operationalized. We are pleased to receive any feedback to strengthen the tool and we hope it can help.

Health Policy Advisory

  • We advise health systems at each stage of the policy-making process and support their decision-making by drawing on hard and soft data. Leveraging our tenure in leading this highly specialized work in a range of geographic and political environments, we integrate a comparative perspective and lessons-learned framework into our advisory services.
  • This provides a strong and transparent foundation for health organizations to analyze and develop workforce mobilization policy for internal implementation and consumption.
  • Our Healthcare Policy Advisory services focus on a range of elements to effectively mobilize the workforce and have a high degree of scalability.
Health Policy Advisory - Workforce Edge

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