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Transforming Workforce Scheduling for Strategic Advantage in Healthcare

In healthcare, availability of the right resource is often the single biggest influence on patient outcomes, staff engagement, and financial performance.  Organizations must respond to global trends such as demographic changes increasing the demand for services, an aging workforce exiting service and requiring more complex care themselves, and difficulties in recruiting and training enough nurses and other skilled clinicians.  The complexity in deployment of critical support staff such as housekeeping, and key corporate services such as health information management, only increases.  Cost pressures caused by funding reforms, advancing technology and higher patient expectations drive the need to deliver care in the most cost-effective manner.

At Workforce Edge, We Partner With You to Improve Healthcare Service Delivery

Your expertise is in delivering quality care to your patients, clients and families.  Our expertise is in partnering with healthcare organizations to improve their staff scheduling environment. We have deep experience supporting health systems across the entire continuum of care including in-patient and ambulatory acute settings, emergency/paramedic services, home health and community, corrections, residential, transitional, long term and complex continuing care.

In addition to achieving cost savings and allowing managers and front line staff to focus on clinical responsibilities, improvements to workforce scheduling and schedule planning enables other skill mix and patient safety initiatives to be successfully achieved.

Workforce Scheduling and Deployment – It’s Not Just About Saving Money

Workforce scheduling and deployment is not just about saving money. If the approach is not optimal, there are grave implications for employee engagement and patient safety. When working short or without the right skill in the right place, the employee’s ability to deliver quality patient care and interactions with families are impacted. The chaos of working short or having open shifts consistently going unfilled must be limited at all costs. This is about the people and the families that are being cared for, and the front-line workforce that are either providing care and support at the bedside or in the background. Everyone is touched by scheduling and deployment – and employers, unions and associations together – owe it to their people to get this part right.

Achieving a slightly better outcome from each allocation decision is a very complex organizational challenge. A new scheduling system can help, but it will not improve the workforce mix, create structured processes, or provide accountability where none exists. A further complication is that buying and installing the software does not guarantee that it is embraced and used effectively.

Workforce Edge takes a holistic approach to tackling the challenge of healthcare human capital deployment. Our inclusive methodology has proven to be effective in aligning all stakeholders towards the goal of providing excellence in patient care delivery in a more cost-effective way. Click on one of the icons below for more information on what we can do for your healthcare organization.