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The vision drives the mission which drives the strategic objectives and corresponding organization goals. In healthcare our values are a big part of our strategic planning. Whether they sit alongside the vision and mission, or drive them, is up for debate. What is a constant however is that our values always underpin and guide the selection of organization priorities.

Workforce management, scheduling planning, staff scheduling, workforce scheduling and so forth are concepts and terms that are often used inter-changeably. What those concepts also have in common, is that the deployment of the clinical and non-clinical supporting workforce links back up to them to enable many organization strategies. Workforce interventions enable a variety of strategic objectives. These include but are not limited to skill mix change, patient safety advances, employee education or completion of skills and certs, patient flow, relief deployment, ROI on a systems investment, and a range of cost savings initiatives.

Our team has worked with healthcare leaders in a number of jurisdictions across Canada, the US, and Australia. We are proud of the benefits secured and of our role in sustaining and improving healthcare service delivery.

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