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Workforce Scheduling and Deployment – It’s Not Just About Saving Money

Workforce scheduling and deployment is not just about saving money. If the approach is not optimal, there are grave implications for employee engagement and patient safety. When working short or without the right skill in the right place, the employee’s ability to deliver quality patient care and interactions with families are impacted. The chaos of working short,  or constantly getting stuck in a daily short call situation, is one to be limited at all costs. Doing so enables a better working experience for staff and their patients, and better financial outcomes for the organization.

Scheduling Software

…And It’s Not Just About Buying the Right Software

Achieving a slightly better outcome from each allocation decision is a very complex organizational challenge. A new scheduling system can help, but it will not improve the workforce mix, create structured processes, or provide accountability where none exists. A further complication is that buying and installing the software does not guarantee that it is embraced and used effectively.

It’s About Providing Excellence in Patient Care Delivery

Workforce Edge takes a holistic approach to tackling the challenge of healthcare human capital deployment.  Our inclusive methodology has proven to be effective in aligning all stakeholders towards the goal of providing excellence in patient care delivery in a more cost-effective way. Click on one of the icons below for more information on what we can do for your healthcare organization.

We Are Here to Help You

If your organization is looking to transform staff scheduling and the deployment of the workforce, we can help. If you are a single unit or program wanting some assistance, leveraging our services targeted to unit, programs and facilities can help you ensure you have balanced rotations or schedules, appropriate numbers of relief staff, or review the efficiency of your scheduling office. The quality of your schedule and the related business processes have an deeply personal effect on your employees. It is the bridge between their professional and private lives.