Health Workforce Edge Team

Our Team

The Workforce Edge team is a firm of specialized consultants dedicated to helping healthcare organizations cope with the increasing challenges of a limited and changing workforce. The ability to recruit, retain and support your health resources is a critical priority during this global workforce crisis.

Since 2001, we have provided the hands-on expertise and the deep, organization change management necessary for organizations to transform their staff workforce planning and scheduling practices. We have partnered with health systems internationally to increase their workforce planning, scheduling and deployment capability, and build and train internal teams. The resulting organizations have proven to be more effective in their response to pandemic and surge events when operational needs change quickly.  They are employers of choice leading to increased employee satisfaction and wellness—they know how many staff they have and where they can be deployed, and they have processes in place to implement the necessary changes on a shift-by-shift basis.

Team of global experts

Our global experts can help with:

  • Assessing and diagnosing staff scheduling and workforce utilization problems
  • Comparative assessment of your scheduling and workforce deployment capability vs. peer organizations
  • Cultural change to make the organizational values come alive inside scheduling practices
  • Designing the organization of strategic and transactional staff scheduling resources
  • Helping current scheduling operations improve and become more strategic
  • Building internal capacity through robust education programs and project delivery approaches that transfer knowledge, skill and ability
  • Developing staffing models including model of care and relief workforce needs
  • Designing master rotations to enable a stable foundation for meeting daily staffing needs and models of care
  • Designing staff scheduling business processes and procedures
  • Integrating predictive analytics and capacity planning with scheduling and deployment practice