• Workforce Edge was able to manage difficult conversations, implement effective change management practices and deliver services and products that the organization could operationalize. To meet the Staff Scheduling Transformation objectives, they brought their expertise, experience and network contacts from other clients to aid in this work. The team provides the high level of expertise we need… I can’t imagine anyone living without you.

    Yvonne Suranyi, Senior Clinical LeaderAlberta Health Services
  • You have done an excellent job with this high profile project.  At the outset I have really appreciated your calm approach and leadership skills.  This project has required a significant amount of change management ability as well as the recognition of the culture shift required across an entire province…

    Linda Dempster, Vice President Collaborative Practice, Nursing and Health ProfessionsAlberta Health Services
  • I would happily recommend Workforce Edge for any project involving utilizing technology to improve staff utilization at the front lines.

    Chris Mazurkewich, Chief Financial OfficerInterior Health
  • Over the past two years, we have utilized the advice and services of Workforce Edge on a number of workforce and staff scheduling related initiatives, and feel that their assistance has helped our organization take significant steps forward…The success that we have recently experienced has proven that Workforce Edge’s methodologies are both scalable and flexible. The outcomes include new business processes that have been approved for organization wide implementation, and equally importantly, staff from across VCH have expressed their appreciation at being involved in the design process and a great momentum for change has been achieved.

    Anne Harvey, Vice President, Employee EngagementVancouver Coastal Health
  • Using their “Rostering Discovery” methodology, Workforce Edge was able to gather data from our managers and our payroll system in a relatively short time, and paint a clear picture for the Royal Children’s Nursing Leadership Team, and the Executive of the hospital. We were able to clearly see the issues at hand, their impacts, and a way forward to address the issues and improve our rostering practices…As a result, at the conclusion of the Rostering Discovery, understanding and commitment had been built at all levels, up to and including the CEO, about the importance of improving rostering practices, as well as the organisational commitment that would be required to achieve sustainable change.

    Jenni Jarvis, Executive Director, Nursing ServicesRoyal Children’s Hospital
  • Our new approach to staff scheduling has been live for a year now, and because of the strong internal ownership built through Workforce Edge’s participatory techniques, it has been extremely well sustained and continues to evolve and improve as staff identify further areas for improvement. Everyone on our management team agrees that CRISP has been a major contributor to significant gains we have made in that time in recruitment and retention, sick and overtime reductions, and improvement in our call response times…With Workforce Edge’s assistance, we also developed a Balanced Scorecard to measure our performance on a series of key performance indications. Not only does our scorecard tell us how we have performed in past periods, it contains predictive indicators to help us identify issues before they impact our service quality.

    Lori Halls, Chief Operating OfficerHealthLines Services BC, Emergency and Health Services Commission
  • Even though we are still in the final stages of vendor contracting, our implementation and change management plans are well underway. The implementation planning and agency engagement processes led by you and your team have been invaluable in mobilizing our organization and creating an environment conducive to organizational change. I believe we are well positioned to implement the selected system…The collaborative methodology that Workforce Edge has developed for designing staff scheduling and timekeeping processes was extremely well received by our agencies and I continue to receive positive feedback…This has helped the project progress smoothly in an environment where resourcing is a continual challenge. The knowledge and techniques brought by Workforce Edge personnel have had a very positive impact on our project to date.

    Thomas Chan, Chief Financial OfficerProvincial Health Services Authority
  • At the conclusion of the [process design] workshops, the medical staff unanimously approved the new rostering and leave management practices, and voiced their optimism that the new practices would be beneficial to medical staff across Hunter Health.

    Dr. Paul Douglas, Director, Population Health & Service PlanningHunter Health
  • Staff at all levels and professions have been involved in a design process facilitated by Workforce Edge that has led to a growing confidence that this initiative will in fact deliver all the desired objectives required by Hunter Health. Initial resistance has steadily changed to a sense of anticipation and commitment to this new approach…

    Tracey McCosker, Director of Finance & General Manager,CARE Network
  • I would recommend Workforce Edge Consulting to any organisation that is looking to improve rostering practices and make changes to the culture that impacts those practices…A very important aspect of any consultancy that is intended to inspire organisational change, is the way that the managers and staff of the organisation feel about the consultants. With Workforce Edge, the Nursing Unit Managers, the Associate Nurse Managers, the staff that were interviewed, and the Hospital Executives that were involved all felt extremely comfortable with the knowledge level of the consultants and their positive and constructive approach to explaining our issues and recommending solutions.

    Jenni Jarvis, Executive Director, Nursing ServicesRoyal Children’s Hospital
  • In the consulting work for Queensland Health, Workforce Edge was able to quickly assess the current state and summarise it for me concisely, while working simultaneously at different levels and with various people on our project team to help them develop a clear understanding of the current state and impacts. As a result, the project team’s awareness level was increased in many ways and they began actively developing operational plans to progress the recommendations before the final report was even complete.

    Dr. Steve Buckland, General Manager, Health ServicesQueensland Health
  • This project has required a significant amount of change management ability as well as the recognition of the culture shift required across an entire province…

    Linda Dempster, V.P. Collaborative Practice, Nursing and Health ProfessionsAlberta Health Services