How You Schedule Your Staff is Your Culture

Workforce Edge
has helped
hundreds of
CHROs solve
these challenges:

  • Unfilled positions and high turnover
  • Decreased employee engagement and “joy at work”
  • Inconsistent Collective Agreement compliance and/or issues with scheduling fairness and equality
  • Reliance on agency and premium labor
  • Inability to get adequate data from HRIS

Your 1st step in optimizing your scheduling environment is an assessment of your opportunity:

Workforce Edit Scheduling Optimization

Make Your Health System the Employer of Choice

Stand out from the crowd with a purpose-built workforce planning,
scheduling and deployment strategy.

Here’s the article
you’re looking for:

Create Your Roadmap to mature your staff scheduling ecosystem and to foster continuity, predictability and equity for your workforce. CHROs Perspective
Recognize information flows and data dependencies through HRIS, scheduling and other systems.

Ensuring Success

CHROs have an opportunity to build further trust and bring their organization values to life through the staff scheduling ecosystem.
Empowering CHROs

Workforce Edge Results

Workforce Edge

Our results speak for themselves:

Up to 75% reduction in the use of overtime
Decrease in total spend between 1-3% on labor
Average savings to budget of 3.57 FTE through sharper position planning and controls
15% - 30%
increase in filled FT positions
30% reduction of nursing vacancies
100% of RNs reported that schedules were equitable and fair after implementation
Before implementation, only 40% of RNs felt schedules were equitable
50% of RN respondents advise that new optimized schedules and processes have had a positive to very positive impact on quality of care (i.e., errors, complaints, falls, satisfaction)
Increase of 75% in shift fill rate through shift-filling process changes
75% of staff say that new schedules and processes have a positive or very positive impact getting PTO/vacation and more time the rest
100% of RNs reported that previous schedules/ processes had a negative to very negative impact
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Workforce Edge Results Speak for Themselves

Six Reasons to Choose Workforce Edge

Healthcare Expertise

Workforce Edge boasts a deep knowledge of the healthcare sector, enabling specialized workforce solutions for its challenges and regulations.

Healthcare Systems Advisory

We are consulting partners supporting senior executives in moving the needle forward to capture sustainable gains through positive workforce optimization initiatives, comprehensive support, and strategy implementation.


Workforce Edge works across the entire continuum of care and for more than two decades has evolved with the healthcare industry, continuously improving our methodologies.


Prioritizing long-term client relationships, we understand unique client needs and offer collaborative, tailored solutions.

Healthcare Niche Focussed

Specializing exclusively in healthcare workforce optimization, we provide focused, high-quality services tailored to the sector’s needs.

Customized Programs & Training

We offer tailored training programs addressing distinct workforce challenges, ensuring alignment with healthcare organizations’ goals.

Who is Health Workforce Edge?

Workforce Edge Consulting & Training is the premier partner in workforce optimization for complex acute healthcare organizations. Having established the field in healthcare more than two decades ago, our solutions are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and are delivered by experts with deep industry knowledge and experience.

We focus on results and partner closely with clients to drive positive workforce optimization experiences for your teams with proven outcomes.  Our innovative methodologies, consulting strategies, and supporting training programs are designed to engage and empower staff, improving internal skills and performance for sustainable growth and success.

Are you ready to plan and control positions
seamlessly to get ahead of the HHR curve?